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Helesya by Festivibe could be your answer to your evening wear woes evening wear & bridal couture.

Elevate your style with Helesya’s bespoke service, dreams are meticulously crafted into personalized masterpieces. Immerse yourself in a world of impeccable excellence, where each stitch tells a unique story. From concept to creation, experience the epitome of luxury and individuality. Unleash your distinct charm with Helesya’s unparalleled craftsmanship, tailored exclusively for you. Embrace the bespoke journey – a symphony of elegance, precision, and your personal style curated by Helesya.

With global travel and social media bringing an unprecedented level of cultural exposure, wedding trends at home and abroad have been changing over the past decade, with destination weddings,multiple events and cultural fusion. This is also reflect – ed in the change in demand for wedding couture .Irrespective of faith,more women here are opting for veils and gowns,trying to incorporate non-traditional colours and fabrics. The industry here has been slow to respond at scale, leaving local fashionistas with a dearth of options. Recognizing a huge untapped market, Festivibe’s founder Tushar Malek swooped in and decided to expand to a sub-brand that caters to this particular segment. Aarong has HerStory, Taaga, and Aarong Earth, all of which are distinctive sub-brands that cater to different needs and tastes,” he explains. ‘Similarly, we have Helesya, which is all about Western fashion.”

“Helesya’s commitment to perfection is evident in their couture-standard craftsmanship, where each gown is meticu – lously hand-crafted with an impeccable array of crystals, pearls, beads and sequins. The hands of our skilled artisans weave magic into every stitch, infusing life into the fabric, and elevating each gown to the realm of dreams.”

“We believe that dressing modestly shouldn’t mean compromising on sophistication and fashion-forwardness. With our carefully crafted designs, you can gracefully exude confidence and elegance while staying true to your values.”

 Festivibe’s Creative Director and Co-owner Nashrin Soltana also keeps an eagle eye on international trends to make sure the offerings are always cutting edge. The brand offers fresh and modern cuts and silhouettes and sources fabricsfrom all over the world to assure quality of the finished product.

The collection isn’t limited to wedding gowns, though. Helesya boasts an expansive range of evening gowns, formal wear and Haute Couture dresses, with options that work well for the red carpet as well as the dance floor. There are options for modest evening wear, as well as more daring options, to cater to a wide range of tastes and sensibilities.

“The bespoke journey begins with an immersive and interactive experience, where clients can take centre stage in sharing their visions. Helesya believes that true artistry lies in the ability to translate these ideas into reality. By fostering a deep understanding of each client’s desires, our designers can embark on a transformative creative process, combining their exceptional skills and visionary expertise to craft an outcome that exceeds all expectations.”

Keeping in mind the demands of time and convenience, Helesya has a catalogue of ready-to-wear options for clients who can’t make time for lengthy consultations and fittings; classic, trendy and versatile looks with sizing options.

Those with a little more time, particular size and material requirements, and a specific theme in mind, however, can make use of both the digital platform and in-person consultations to craft the perfect outfit together. Helesya offers full bespoke services and customization options so that the end result is a dress that speaks to the unique attributes of its wearer.